Dr. Emmet Fox

(1886 - 1951)


He was a scientist, philosopher and spiritual teacher -- a leader in the New Thought movement and an early contributor to Alcoholics Anonymous. To me, his words seem to make life a little better, especially when I slow down to think about what they really mean. So, here are some thoughts from Dr. Fox, with perhaps a few Jardonnisms thrown in. There's also memories of a little dream I had one night. Erotic? You decide.


June 30- Just as like attracts like, so like produces like. This is a cosmic law, which means that it is universally true throughout the whole of existence right up through the higher planes. Every good tree brings forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. So it is with our thoughts and words and deeds. We reap what we sow, sometimes almost immediately, sometimes after a long interval. But always, sooner or later, like produces like.


July 1- Reincarnation explains the differences in talents that we find between one man and another. The born musician has studied music in a previous life, perhaps in several lives, and has therefore built that faculty into his soul. He is a talented musician today because he is reaping what he sowed yesterday. In the East this is called Karma. Note, however, that Karma is not punishment. If you touch a flame of fire, you will burn your finger. This will hurt you, but it is not punishment, only a benign and reformative consequence. After one or two of these experiences as a child, you learn to keep your finger away from it. So it is with all natural retribution - you suffer because you have a lesson to learn.


My take? Nobody knows what happens when you die. Just because some fella wears fancy suits or ceremonial robes and pointy hats doesn't make him an expert. I suggest you look for yourself until you find out what works best for you. You can buy books and listen to other people's advice, but don't make them into gods, because they ain't any better than you are. As for me, I can't live my life with the dark threat of hell hanging over me, nor the false promise of heaven. Those things are in my head daily, depending on where I allow my thoughts to go. Make your life worthwhile in the here and now. Don't worry about what's next.


July 2- It was a distinct gain when primitive people could be persuaded not to murder, but to develop sufficient self-control to master their anger. Spiritual demonstration demands that anger itself be overcome. It is simply not possible to get any experience worth talking about until you have gotten rid of resentment and condemnation. You can have either your demonstration or your indignation, but you cannot have both.


July 5- We always demonstrate our consciousness. We always demonstrate what we habitually have on our mind. What sort of mind have you? Do not let anyone else tell you, because they do not know. Just examine your conditions and see what you are demonstrating. This method is scientific and infallible.


My take?It's true. Just sit down in a quiet place by yourself and think about the baggage of thoughts you're carrying around. Then, get rid of ones you know you don't really want. You can be angry at someone for only so long a time. This goes for groups of people, too. Sooner or later, it's time to say "They're not worth my time. I gotta forgive it and let it go, so I can move on." The story I wrote called "Mud Pie" shows what can happen if you don't get rid of bad shit that's stuck in your brain.


July 7- Just be quiet and think about God. Do not think about your problem, but give your attention to God. Do not try to solve your problem directly (which would be using will power) but rather think about the nature of God and everything you believe about it. Next claim the thing that you need. Then, give thanks, as though it was already granted, because if you believe you will receive, you will receive.


My take? God is the word we use to represent the POWER that controls the universe. You can call it anything you wish, but for clarity we use the word god. Don't get all bent out of shape about this word, because it is not Christian or Muslim or Hebrew or Hindu or any other religion -- it is for everybody and everything. The power that controls the universe (god) needs to be summoned today, especially for our brothers and sisters in Great Britain and the universe itself.


July 9 - Man is a mental being and to know this is the first step, for as long as you believe yourself to be primarily physical, a superior kind of animal, you will remain in bondage - in bondage, that is to say, to your own habits of thought.


July 10 - Since you are a mental being, you will see how foolish it is for you to try to improve your conditions by altering your environment, while leaving your mind unchanged. To attempt this is to foredoom yourself to disappointment. Mind is cause and experience is effect.


My take? Of course, I love the thought of you being in bondage, but that's the physical fantasy kind. In reality, you can't just run away from a problem. Let's say new neighbors move in and they are a pain in the ass. You could move away from them, but the better solution is to forgive them for their stupidity or rudeness and try to understand why they act that way. If your mental attitude is correct, then either THEY will move away or better yet, change their habits more to your liking. Either way, it's much easier to train your brain than to pick up all your belongings and run. Everybody wins.  


July 12- It is the law of life that as we think, speak and act towards others, so will others think, speak and act towards us. Everything that we do to others will sooner or later be done to us by someone, somewhere -- perhaps by someone who knows nothing of our previous action or maybe somebody who knows nothing about us at all, but for each wrong act or thought that is committed against someone else, we will inevitably have to pay by suffering a like injury ourselves.


My take? Gee, I wonder what might happen to those people who set off the bombs in London or humiliated the prisoners at Abu Graif? This law is no different than the law of gravity -- it doesn't care who you are or which side of whatever conflict you are on -- it applies to everybody.  


July 13 - However, it is a bad law that does not work both ways, so it is equally true that for every good thing you do, every kind word or thought, you will in the same way at some time or another get back the same.


July 14- The desire to "get even," to get one's own back, to level things up somehow or other when we have been hurt or have suffered injustice, or witnessed things of which we do not approve, will remain with us until the time when we definitely take ourselves in hand and destroy it. "Revenge," said Bacon, "is a kind of wild justice."


July 15 - This new law reverses everything and says that when someone injures you, you are to forgive him. No matter what the provocation may be, you are to loose him and let him go, for only then can you be freed yourself.


My take? He has got to be kidding. That is the hardest thing in the world to do and believe me, there are people added every day to my list of those I'd like to punch out. Some I know personally and some are people in the newspaper or on television, but I have discovered one thing about this. If I CAN get just an inkling of the thought of forgiving that person's ignorance, he no longer remains a problem for ME. It works every time -- maybe not immediately, but soon. I'm not saying I don't defend myself during the event, but afterwards I'm usually better off if I can mentally cut him loose from me. Then, the universe takes care of him and his hangups in its own time and space, which saves me a lot of stress from trying to figure out how to "get even." Besides, revenge dealt out by the universal power is much more effective than anything I could do.  


The entries for the next several days will lead you to see the importance of this.


July 16 - This is the story of what we call "death" and in most cases is it easier than being born. The actual truth is that there is no death. To understand clearly how this process comes about, you have to realize that you really possess not one body but two. It may surprise you to be told that right here at the present moment you have not only the physical body that you know about -- the thing that you see when you look into the mirror -- but a second body which is none the less substantial because you cannot see it, and this body is made of ether.


July 17- This statement may surprise you, but it is true. The etheric body is the same shape as your physical body, but it is slightly larger and it interpenetrates the physical body the same as air fills a sponge. It does not surround it but interpenentrates it. It may help you to think of it as a replica of the physical body in ether. There are a few people who can see the etheric body when they concentrate for that purpose, because they have the power of contacting much finer vibrations than can be perceived by the ordinary physical senses, but of course the vast majority lack this power.


My take? This is some wild and crazy shit. I know some of you will say this is ridiculous, but just stay tuned, because it gets better yet.  


July 19 - All the time you are awake, your two bodies remain together interpenetrating each other, but when you fall asleep the greater part of your etheric slips out of the physical; and in reality this slipping out of the etheric is what constitutes sleep. The same sort of thing happens when you become unconscious either from taking an anesthetic or from a blow on the head, or if you fall into what is called a trance, or into some form of coma. All these conditions differ somewhat one from another, but they all have this in common, that more or less of the etheric slips out of the physical body, taking the consciousness with it.


July 20- Now, it is this etheric body which is the repository of all your thoughts and feelings. It includes what are often called the conscious and the subconscious minds. It is the "psyche" of the psychologist and it is in fact your human personality. I have said that your etheric is the seat of all feeling and this is true. It may surprise you to hear that there is no sensation in the physical body, but such is the case. When you think you have a pain in your physical body that pain is really in the etheric counterpart and that is why anesthesia is possible. When you take a general anesthetic, the etheric is thrown out and therefore you do not experience bodily sensations. People undergoing a major operation under an anesthetic have sometimes remained perfectly conscious, but out of the body and have watched the surgeon at work with interest and attention. When you take a local anesthetic such as novocaine, the local part of the etheric is driven out and you have no feeling there; but as the effect of the novocaine wears off, that portion of the etheric returns and, as those who have been in the hands of the dentist know, the pain gradually comes back.


My take? Makes sense to me... so far. We've all heard of people telling these "out of body" stories, either during surgery or some near-death experience. 


July 22 - In all these cases when the etheric leaves the physical body, it remains attached to it by an etheric ligament very much like a boy's kite floating at the end of its string. This etheric connection is most often referred to as the Silver Cord. It is bluish gray in color and so elastic that the etheric body can go very long distances away and still remain attached to the physical corpus. In sleep, by far the greater part of the etheric slips out. In very materialistic and otherwise undeveloped people the etheric remains only a yard or two from the body, usually floating overhead; but with people of some degree of mental training, and especially with those who have some spiritual development, it passes right over onto the next plane and sometimes beyond that.


My take? Had any bad dreams lately? How about good ones? Ever wake up suddenly from a bad dream? My experience has been that bad dreams are the ones we remember, because the etheric wants to get the hell back to where it belongs, so it rushes away from where the scary stuff is happening and quickly rejoins the physical body, jolting you from your sleep. That's why you remember it so clearly, because it just happened. Good dreams usually are more vague, because the etheric returns reluctantly and peacefully to hover nearby, allowing you to continue sleeping undisturbed. By the time the alarm wakes you, most of what happened remains buried in your subconscious.  

During sleep, we sometimes interact with others whose etheric forms are also traveling about. This is why we can dream of people still on this earth or of those who have passed.  


July 23- The difference between normal sleep, and anesthesia, and the different kinds of trance is a question of how much of the etheric goes out at that particular time -- that is all. When we see people nodding asleep and then waking up and then nodding again, it means that the etheric is wobbling in and out. So your etheric slips out every time you go to sleep and returns when you wake up again -- that is, as long as your Silver Cord remains unbroken.


My take? Hmm, I wonder what happens if the cord is broken. Before finding out, there's something I want to share with you. This happened several nights ago, but I wrote it down while still fresh in my memory.


Dr. Fox came to me in a dream last night, or perhaps I journeyed to him. Either way, it was a startling revelation for the simple fact that I do not know any of his physical qualities. He died before I was born and, for whatever reason, I have never made the effort to find photographs of him. Perhaps my subconscious is afraid that his appearance would not appeal to me, but more likely it is because I prefer to know him only from his teachings, and this is how I know it was he who came to me.

The recognition was instant, as we greeted one another in thought - my silver cord being attached in my dream state, his long ago severed in 1951. His purpose was twofold: first, he thanked me for making his words known to an audience that perhaps has not been exposed to these teachings - mainly, lovers of male erotica; second, he thanked me for making the effort to put his words into action regarding my own life, fully understanding that it requires a persistent retraining of the subconscious, a daily struggle to maintain the correct thinking.

In the world where Dr. Fox resides, gratitude has a much more essential meaning than a mere "thank you" and that is the end of it. No, in his world gratitude is expressed in thoughts - thoughts that when transferred to someone such as myself, a man whose silver cord is still attached, who is still living in our world on earth - become a sensation undescribable in words we know. It is a sensation ten to 100 times greater than any experienced here.

The key element is that as a still-living physical being, I continued to have direct awareness of my physical body and the feelings associated with it, even though my etheric form was traveling the universe and interacting with those I met who live there. Therefore, the gratitude shown to me by Dr. Fox became a physical sensation and, since he knows me for what I am, his "thank you" was expressed in the form of a male to male encounter.

Whether or not my physical body reacted to any of this I did not know at the time, but it was irrelevant. Instantly, my penis became engorged to a level of fulfillment never before known. I could not see it, but its length, girth and sensitivity were multiplied above the norm to a state beyond imagination, equaled perhaps only by pictures you see on those "morph" photo manipulation web sites. My partner was underneath me, while my body lie prone and chest upwards, both of us positioned horizontally. Inside me, the temperature of the bowels rose to a maddeningly ecstatic level and although the rim of my anus was not stretched in any manner, a penetrating and vibrating heat targeted the prostate gland. A velvet cloth enveloped it, manipulating and caressing the sensitive orb in a loving warmth.

From every direction, hands began to massage my top side. Their skin was not soft, but that of rough, working-man hands, the type of hands I desire to touch me. Just as had happened with Dr. Fox, I sensed I knew these men. I did know them. They were my fantasy men, the ones who steered me towards the correct path during my youth, before I fully understood and accepted my sexual inclinations.

These were the unobtainable men from my countless nights of masturbation, men who stirred my passions from the movies on our family's television screen. All had since left my world and journeyed to the next, but now they were here with me, caressing me to new heights of unbridled ecstasy.

Would you like me to list them? They were mine from long ago, mostly forgotten, but still admired and belonging only to me. The first recognized was Robert Mitchum, brute strength, ruggedly handsome face and plentiful body hair - 100% pure male animal.

Next came Henry Fonda, the quiet, brooding and mysterious male form. He was my every man, the common man and I could identify with every character he played.

I felt the all-loving presence of Edward G. Robinson, not the sneering gangster from so many films, but the kind-hearted Emanuel Goldenberg, his real-life personage. All accounts portray him to be the gentlest and most giving of men to those who knew and worked with him. This is what he was to me.

Steve McQueen, the rebel, the motorcycle-riding, sports-car driving wild man, smothered me with unrestrained lust. A purely sexual being, no adventure was too great, no challenge too much a risk, he taught me to cast off all inhibitions and to not concern myself with what others thought of me.

Others drifted in and out to participate for short periods, just so I would know they were aware of my feelings towards them. Lloyd Bridges, William Holden, Wallace Beery, Burt Lancaster, Paul E. Burns, James Cagney and so many more, all were there at the behest of Dr. Fox to stimulate my subconscious desires.

Then, as the warm glow continued to engulf the prostate and inflate the penis, I was allowed to reverse roles and unleash my special brand of intense body worship upon every one of my heros. Imagine burying your face into the massive, fur-covered and gorilla-like chest of Robert Mitchum; or kissing the lips and gazing upon the steely-blue eyes of Henry Fonda; maybe you'd rather nibble on the firm and masculine nipples of William Holden; or lick the rippled belly of Lloyd Bridges; perhaps you'd prefer to caress, kiss and squeeze the powerful thighs and calves of Burt Lancaster; or sit on the constantly hardened pole of Steve McQueen. I did all of this and more.

But the climax came not from the physical presence of these masculine masterpieces, but from the reciprocal admiration of human kind shared between myself and Edward G. Robinson. I doubt my choice will be a popular one for most of you, but remember that it was my dream world - a place where the physical is superceded by the mental. For this reason, there are no words to diagram for you how Mr. Goldenberg and Jardonn interacted. It was an exchange of ideas, of philosophies regarding the universe in general and mankind in particular. What he gave to me will never be equaled by any sexual act known in the world where we live and breath, because it was a stimulation of the mind, which I will carry with me forever.

The only way by which any of what happened can be fully shared with you is for you to journey there yourself. Perhaps we will cross paths - you and I - and if we do, then you might know the beautiful, continuing lives of Emanuel Goldenberg and Emmet Fox, for only there can I express to you what they are to me.

July 27 - Now, what is death? Well, death is the breaking of the Silver Cord. As soon as it is cut you are dead; you are definitely cut off from your physical body and your life on this plane is over. Your etheric body, which is your personality, has severed its connection with the physical body, and as that body is your only means of functioning on the physical plane, you have finished your earth life.

July 28 - Now we come to the vital question: What precisely is it that happens to a person when he dies - when the Silver Cord is severed? What does he think? What does he feel? As a rule, he immediately falls into a state of total unconsciousness which may last for days or even weeks. During this time the etheric (that is he himself) passes over onto the next plane and he is in the next world. Here in due course he wakes up very much as we wake up from sleep on this plane and his new life has begun.

July 29 - It is an interesting fact that at the instant preceding death, the whole of the past life unfolds before the mind exactly like a moving picture reel flashing by. The actual speed is so great that it all happens in a split second, yet the mind sees every detail clearly. This experience is really, of course, the unfolding of the subconscious mind, the "Judgment Books" of scripture and an exceedingly awe-inspiring and sometimes terrible experience, as one can easily imagine. It is with this authentic inside story of his life fresh in memory that the traveler begins his life on the other side.

My take? Again, we have heard stories of such happenings, especially from those who have experienced a near death from such things as drowning or asphyxiation. Some witnesses near the death bed of President Lincoln claim that he uttered words describing such an event, before finally expiring in that house across from Ford's Theater. Assuming we do go through this, you can begin to see the importance of the entries for July 12-15.

August 1 - Here it is natural to ask: Where is the next world situated? Is it up in the sky? Or down on the ground? The answer is that it is in neither of these places. The next world is actually all around us here. The so-called dead are carrying on their lives right here where we are now, but in their own world and in their own way. The reason we do not see them around us or collide with them is the same reason that one radio program does not interfere with another - they are on different wave lengths.

August 2 - There is not merely one etheric plane as many people think, but many, each one less dense than the previous one, going on to infinity; and they all interpenetrate one another. The activities of any one plane do not interfere in any way with those of any of the others for the reason just given.

August 3 - Upon waking up on the next plane, the "dead" person notes certain familiar aspects in the world about him, but remarks some curious differences too. If he has been very ill, or if he is an elderly person, he is agreeably surprised by a sense of well-being and youth. This is because, having left the worn-out body on the earth plane, it no longer restricts the full functioning of his mind. He is able to see his etheric body and it now seems to him as substantial as the old physical body seemed.

My take? Too bad that family in Florida didn't understand this. If they had, they would never have tortured their daughter for nine years by keeping her on this plane. Of course, to a degree I can understand their pain and refusal to let her go, but as for the people standing outside the hospital wringing their hands and mumbling those misguided prayers; plus those who turned the incident into a political issue, I will let the universe deal with them.

August 5 - Again, one of the principal differences between this plane and the next is that there are four dimensions over there, whereas here of course, we know only three. All objects there are four-dimensional and it takes him some time to get used to that. Of course, a four-dimensional object cannot be described here in words, but you will easily see that it means an enormous extention of experience and therefore of interest. Consider how tremendously the world of a two-dimensional being - say a worm - would be expanded if it became three-dimensional, and you can realize something of the enhanced interest of the next plane when one of us goes over there.

August 7 - Perhaps the most startling change that the traveler has to meet is the fact that over there thought reading is the normal means of communication. In the next world thoughts are read directly and therefore there is no deception. Everyone is seen to be just what he is and there is no room for hypocrisy or pretense. You pass for what you are and that is the end of the matter.

My take? That's going to take some major adjustments. Guess if somebody doesn't like me I'll know it immediately, because they won't be able to pretend that they do when I'm around, then say unkind things about me when I'm not. Guess the same will work for what I'm thinking, too. No more phony shit, because it's all right there in the open.

August 10 - There are no old people on the other side. What we see here as an elderly gentleman is in fact a man of mature mind whose body has begun to decay so that all his faculties have dimmed. This decay of his physical body prevents the etheric from functioning efficiently and now that the physical body is thrown away, he regains the full use of his powers. In the next world he will be a man in the prime of life. On the other hand, children who pass over, not having yet reached maturity of mind, continue to grow up on the other side until they too reach the prime of life.

August 11 - There are many different localities on the next plane, differing very much from one another just as in this world we find countries as different as Sweden and Italy. What is it that determines the kind of place to which you will go after death and the sort of people among whom you will find yourself? You will go to the place and be among the sort of people for whom you have prepared yourself by your habitual thinking and your mode of living while on this earth. No one sends you anywhere. You naturally gravitate to the place where you belong.

August 14 - Death makes positively no change in you; you are just the same person that you were before it happened. You have your full memory - often somewhat better than you did towards the end of your life here. There is, however, one extremely important difference - on the other side your thoughts are demonstrated immediately. Whatever you think or feel strongly you experience instantly as an outer condition, and this is rather confusing at first.

My take? I can see where it would be VERY confusing. In fact, I'm having a problem understanding how this could work. What if I'm in the next world and somebody makes me angry? Does this mean that when I have that split second thought of wanting to take his head off, it will happen right then and there? Then again, over there we won't have physical heads, so that thought would do me no good anyway. That will be the most difficult part. How do we react and interact if we have no bodies with which to do it? How can we express our emotions?

August 17 - To those on the other side the ether seems just as solid as physical matter does to us and in the beginning they expect it to have the inertia it does not possess. They are surprised and disconcerted when they constantly find that it submits immediately to the moulding of their thought. They think - and something happens to correspond. This surprises or frightens them and this fright causes an intensification of the phenomenon, or perhaps a seeming cataclysm and it multiplies until the newcomer pulls himself together and learns to control his thinking. As we know, it is difficult to instantly change one's habits of thought. If we have accustomed ourselves when on this earth to negative thinking - to thoughts of fear, criticism, ill-will or sickness - it takes some time to overcome such habits when we get across.

August 21 - At this point let it be clearly understood that this next plane is not "Heaven." There are some very unpleasant localities in the next world (it is no use ignoring this fact for sentimental reasons), but the average person does not go to any of them. People who may fall into wrong-doing under pressure of severe temptation do not go to these places, but people whose whole lives are deliberately wrong do. People who lead very evil lives on this earth, whose minds are chiefly given up to hatred and deceit will find themselves in such places.

August 22 - These are the places referred to as "hell" by the orthodox preachers. They are not places of vindictive punishment and they certainly do not last forever, but only until the delinquent has seen the error of his ways and has reformed. Let me repeat that no one "sends" anyone to these places; they are merely the natural surroundings of a soul which has gotten itself into that condition by repeatedly choosing the lower in preference to the higher.

My take? Who says you can't take it with you? Nobody's going to be able to suppress thoughts of hatred 100 per cent of the time, but those who devote their lives to hate and deceit -- or who feel they will go to heaven by killing people - are going to be in for a rude awakening. And again, this transcends religion, country, ethnicity and any other faction or boundary with which we label ourselves. I suspect that whenever such people get to where they are going, they will quickly learn that they have made a tragic error in judgment and soon will revise their mental processes. If not, then they can just continue to suffer. No one will care, because these misguided souls will no longer be able to hurt anyone but themselves.

Now, do you see how on the next plane we will interact? Your thoughts define who you are and there is no hiding anything. Whatever you think will be immediately known to those around you, so naturally you will gravitate to the same people who are on your level. Those above will want nothing to do with you and those below will not have access to you. At this point I should also point out that the mushrooms I had earlier are working fine. Our foundation for the next world starts here.
August 24 - Will you meet your relatives and friends when you go over? The fact is that where there is a strong emotional link either of love or hatred there is likely to be a meeting. Where there is a strong link of genuine love there is sure to be a meeting. Of course, love will take care of itself, but there is a real danger that if you allow yourself to indulge in hatred of anyone, you will meet when you have both passed over. To prevent this from happening, destroy the link by ceasing to hate. Forgive the other person and set him free in your thought. You do not have to like him, but you must wish him well.
August 27 -It should now bepossible for you to go through life and to meet death withthat "even mind" to which we commonly refer. You should never be so completely attached to any particular set of conditions -- to a house, or a district, or a job or to any earthly arrangement -- that you cannot part from it without undue regret. You should not be dependent for your happiness or self-respect upon human praise or approval, though such things may be appreciated in their place.
August 28 - Your attitude should be: I do my duty and enjoy myself where I am; I do my job and pass on -- to another. I am going to live forever; in a thousand years from now I shall still be alive and active somewhere; in a hundred thousand years somewhere else; and so the events of today have only the importance that belongs to today. I greet the unknown with a cheer and press forward joyously, exulting in the Great Adventure.
My final take? Everything has been brought into a clearer perspective. The phrase "You learn something new every day" is true, because the knowledge stored in our databanks continues to grow and is available when we need it. Think about things that were important to you 20 years ago. Are they important today? Probably most of them are not, because you have moved to a higher level. So why fret over losing some possession or job or even someone important to you? If it happens, it is merely a way to prepare you for another adventure-- and this progress continues when we die and leave this world. So, why fear death?Why grieve for years over someone else who has died? Are they really dead or have they merely gone to another place to do something else -- something perhaps more important? They just left their bodies behind because they don't need them anymore.
Why worry about the problems of our world? The people causing them will get their come-uppance in due time, just as the McCarthy's and their ilk got theirs in the 1950's -- just as Stalin did, just as Hitler did, and on and on. Today's drama will play out to the same result, so don't let anybody fill you with fear about anything regarding this world or the next.
I'm finished with this page. Take it in parts or as a whole and do what you want with it. As I mentioned above, nobodyreally knows what happens when we die,except those who have already done it. This is just another one of a million possibilities, but one I think makes more sense than most. It certainly is a more comforting future than most religionsthreaten you with. If it's not true, tough shit.If I'm wrong and the afterlife is something terrible or doesn't exist at all, tough shit.I can't change it -- whatever it is --so like you, I'll deal with itwhenI getthere. Meanwhile, let's surf the web and enjoy what we have TODAY!

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