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A Thumbnail Tale by Jardonn Smith

and Globalfight.com


Imagine it... one minute you're sleeping soundly, and the next you are awakened by white light, its glare nearly blinding you.


You react, realize you are bound, unable to move, and as the light fades you understand you've been stripped and stretched out on some sort of examination table.


You try to get your bearings, observe chains dangling above you from which are suspended a mirror. You see yourself. Naked. The room around you is pitch black, but you can hear. Shuffling sounds on the floor. Something approaches you from two directions.




From the darkness you are assaulted by hands -- not of human flesh, but of something unnatural, like latex, and in horror you observe their color. You are in a place not of this Earth.


A helpless victim, a guinea pig, isolated, vulnerable to their bizzare experiments, you helplessly watch as their alien hands transform to humanoid.


You recoil when they cover you with their hideous bodies, shudder with horror at their metamorphisis -- from grotesque abominations to perfectly normal men.




With one exception -- the penis. Assaulting your erogenous zones, they coerce you to respond.


The final piece of their puzzle -- your phallus, your testicles.


They must duplicate the form and function of your human male, reproductive organs.




Their mission complete, they mock you with one last test.


Their seed, perhaps your seed, is ejaculated onto your desecrated body.


Their experiment a success, they are finished with you, and you will remember none of it. They are fully functional, ready to assimilate the human race, and their evil will consume planet Earth.




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