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A Thumbnail Tale by Jardonn Smith

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I come to America. I come to fight. I come to be champion.


They say, fine. You come to be champ. You play by our rules. I stand proud. I am strong Romanian. I listen to rules.


They say, no gloves, so I take off gloves. They say, no trunks. I follow rules.




They say, here are rules. We tie you to board and beat crap out of you. I not understand English so much. I am tied. I think I make mistake playing their rules.


They beat my head.


They beat my ribs.


They make me naked and beat my belly.


They spear my belly with strong fingers.




I am strong Romanian. I take punishment like man.


But time comes I take no more. My legs do not stand, and they untie me from board.


They take me to new place. Stretch me on table.




They stretch me tight, like rack of torture.


I wait for them to beat me more, but they do not beat.


They touch in funny way.


They touch in way and place I think maybe is bad.




They make me think maybe it is better they beat me.

They make me think they will try to make me not man, so much.


I think I will close my eyes. Make them think I sleep.


Yes. I will trick them. Give to them what is for my woman, not them, and they will let me go. I will still be a man, and I will look for America I thought I knew.




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