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The Gallery of Hairy Beasts - Photo sets of male animals

Men in Trunks - Photo sets of vintage wrestlers

Painted Glory - Photos, more wrestlers and men proud of their ink

The Massacre - a Jardonn Thumbnail Tale, naked wrestling.

Shove It - Jardonn Thumbnail Tale #2, naked interrogation

For Her - Jardonn Thumbnail Tale #3, a beautiful man

Assimilation - Thumbnail Tale #4, naked experimentation

The Double-Cross Wet-Down - Jardonn Thumbnail Tale #5, three men in a tub

The Lunch-Munch Bunch - Jardonn Thumbnail Tale #6, one guy vs. multiple females

Come to America - Jardonn Thumbnail Tale #7, a boxer brutalized

Busted - I finally broke down and bought this movie because I suspected the burly furball on the cover was one tough piece of work. I was right. My fav parts are (1) when the ladies have his nipples clamped so that he tortures himself when they kick his nuts, and (2) when their boxing gloves punch his gut while he's blindfolded, and (3) when they spread-eagle him on the floor... all of it! I prefer turning off the audio so I can imagine my own interrogation story lines to go with the visuals, but I'm just weird that way. You can buy the entire film forever or purchase individual scenes. Either way, Busted is worth it, and best of all I've updated the link.




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