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A Thumbnail Tale by Jardonn Smith

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He works out for himself, his overall health -- mental, physical, self-esteem. More importantly, he does it for her. Far too many men his age let themselves go. Let their bodies turn to mush, their gut taking on the shape of a beach ball, and they wonder why their woman isn't in the mood. Not tonight, or the next, or the next several. There's no mystery to it. If they took a good look in the mirror, they would understand.


This man respects his woman and she respects him. She would never tell him what to wear in public, but here, in their home, in their gym, she has desires. He does what she says. For her, he sleeps naked, even in winter so she can warm herself in his body fur, nestle her cheek atop his muscled pectoral. For her, he dons the workout attire she chooses for him to wear.


For her, he lifts the iron, tones and fine-tunes what has taken countless hours to create. He works up a sweat because she asks it of him, so she can see him glow. So she can admire every line and curve he has so masterfully sculptured...




For her.


So she can see him like this.


And this.




And when he looks in the mirror, he is proud of what he has created for her. She cherishes him. She is devoted to him, and grateful to him for the endless hours of hard work and careful symmetry he has gifted to her -- the epitome of how a man should appear, the apex of what a man should be.


He is a god to her, and she a goddess to him, for same as their relationship itself, his efforts, for her, will never be void.


Or denied.





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