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A Thumbnail Tale by Jardonn Smith

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It was a match to honor the ancients. Stripped naked, they wrestled as Greeks, glorifying the male form in a contest of grappling skills and masculine strength.


They began with wrestler Alpha versus wrestler C, while wrestler B waited on the side. By rule, when one grappler tired, he could call for relief and the idle wrestler would take his place.

The contest was a spirited affair, as Alpha and C maneuvered for superiority in executing their traditional wrestling skills.


In time, the superior strength of Alpha wore down wrestler C, and he called for wrestler B to try his hand against this superb speciment of athletic beauty.




Fresh with energy, wrestler B entered the fray, taking the surprised and layered-with-sweat Alpha wrestler to the mat, as wrestler C stepped away to recover.


In an incredible feat of power and resilience, however, Alpha twisted out from beneath B, circled behind him, drove him to the mat and wrenched his spine with a reverse chin lock.


From there, Alpha clamped on a full-nelson and violently jerked B up and back, nearly snapping his spine in two. B howled in agony, begged for relief, held on with all his strength waiting for C to replace him... and waited, as C remained seated in the background. Wary of Alpha's abilities, C hesitated in following the agreed-upon rules.




When C finally did decide to fulfill his duty, he launched his assault not on Alpha, but on B, choosing to side with the superior man instead of facing him. He took over holding B's arms, while Alpha mercilessly attacked B's gonads to further weaken him.


Abandoning wrestling skills, they pinned B to the mat and launched a furious volley of punches to his gut. A relentless flurry of fists devastated B's hard wall of muscle, taking the wind from him and battering his belly to a pulp.


Defenseless, B lay sprawled while Alpha & C further weakened him with claws and pinchers, sapping from their beefy opponent's muscles what little strength remained in him.




With B completely helpless, they perpetrated upon him the ultimate humiliation. Outnumbered, beaten, battered and useless, a once-glorious wrestler endured their degradations.


Stretching him out as though on a rack, C immobilized his legs while Alpha pinned his arms and slimed his face with pre-orgasmic ooze.


Meanwhile, C pounded his stretched belly and assaulted his genitalia. Defeating him was not enough for them. No, from this man they would take everything that made him a man -- his strength, his will to fight, his dignity, and finally, his masculine seed.




Once he had serviced both of them, once he had shot his load multiple times, B laid wholly drained, while Alpha & C hovered over him displaying their superiority.


They took him to the shower room. Under soothing spray, they told him that playing the role of their underling was not such a bad thing, that life with them could be a non-stop party, an orgy of man glorifying man.


He recognized the benefits. Accepted his fate, his hand reaching for one, his mouth gaping for the other.




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