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Big Jim was a good man, an honest and hard-working man. A rancher, he'd taken the few hundred head of cattle inherited from his father, and in less than five years expanded it to nearly 3000 -- a few for dairy, most for beef.

Big Jim was also a compassionate man, one who believed in second chances, and several of his ranch hands he'd hired through the parole office of the nearby state pen.

Sometimes, however, Big Jim's big heart caused him headaches. Previous day being a good example. He'd fired three of his men who'd been charged with watching a section of the herd. Instead, they chose to get crazy with whiskey while several head drifted onto the highway just as a tractor-trailer unit peaked the top of a rise. Killed 'em all.


Now, you'd think those men would've licked their wounds, taken the wages owed them and got on down the road, but no. They stayed drunk, and pissed, and next day they caught Big Jim working all alone in his barn. While one of 'em engaged him in argument near the doors, the other two sneaked in through a side chute, come up from behind and whacked Big Jim's big head with the iron of a pitch fork. Big Jim was stone-cold knocked out. They dragged him inside, tossed him over a hay bale and stripped him down.


"Here's what you're gonna do," one of 'em slurred as Big Jim stirred. "Tell our parole officers you had to let us go because you thinned the herd."

"Yeah," spit another. "Like you had to lay us off. Tell 'em that."

"Nope," Big Jim was groggy, but knew enough to tell 'em straight. "You was too drunk to do the job. Cost me six head of cattle just about ready for market. That's why you was fired, so you might as well shove it on outta here."




And so, the two-time losers proceeded to try other methods of persuasion. Dropped down a chain from the barn's hay trolley and wrapped the wrists of Big Jim. Yanked down his underwear while cranking his arms up over his head.


They got to chokin' him.


Puttin' the leather to his ass.




They punched him and pinched him, poked him and clawed him, but still he had nothing to say, except for...


"Shove it!"


Frustrated, more pissed off than when they'd started, the three got Big Jim ready for some ugly shit. While one of 'em put a hood on him so he couldn't see what they's up to, the other two cleared off a work bench.




They stretched Big Jim out on top of it, his arms dangling off one end and legs off the other, as they roped his limbs to legs of the bench. Decided since beating on his bear-man muscles didn't seem to bother him, they'd work on some parts they figured might make him a bit more nervous -- his pecker and his nuts. Big Jim couldn't believe they were fixin' to torture his precious jewels, but feeling was believing.


Next, they told him exactly what they were gonna do. "Gonna put the milker to you, Big Jim."

"Yep," a second confirmed it. "Gonna let this machine suck you dry just like you do to them cows over there."

A third one gave him one last chance. "Unless, of course, you wanna change your story about us."

Torn between outrage and just plain rage, Big Jim stayed tough. Laid back his head while they hooked up his big ol' dick same as if it were a cow's teat. Made up his mind to fire as many loads into that thing as he had to. Didn't matter to him. They'd never break him. "Shove it," he snarled. They flipped a switch, and that machine got to suckin'.


Must have been nearly an hour before the ranch foreman come along. Heard one of the milk machines running at the wrong time of day, peeked through the cracks and saw what they were doing to Big Jim. After he rounded up several ranch hands, they all proceeded to beat the holy shit outta those sadistic, drunken, soon-to-be second-time convicts.

And as the last of the three finally laid sprawled wanting no more of their punches, Big Jim's men heard him groan. Their jaws dropped, as one last gob of his milk spewed into the tube and up the hose. Another big load from the big-hearted, big-muscled, big-dicked, big ranch cattle man, Big Jim.




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