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8-6-09... Round one of vacations complete, I am back and sooo very happy about it. Sarcasm? Or not? I'll never talk. No pone today, just music. Boxcar Willie is Bad News.


8-7-09... Feeling frisky, I think it a good time to see if I can piss somebody off like I did in March (think it was March), since we have a minuscule faction of people going about the country trying to be quasi-Brownshirts and disrupt the process of civilized discussion on a subject of which they know nothing about. Seriously, have they read any parts of the actual, proposed legislation? (I have. Have you?) Or do they only know what's been hand-fed to them, which is 99.999999% made-up shit that's not even in the proposal. Well, enough of that. See? That's not even the subject I intended to use for my pissing-offing.

This is. I want to get into the Hebrew Bible a bit, specifically, the Ten Commandments, because I suspect the folks who insist they be displayed on every public square and courthouse in the land have no clue as to some of the deeper meanings. As always, it's a language problem. The "Thou Shalt Not" business taken a step further is actually saying, "You Cannot." Big difference. Thou Shalt Not Kill. Well, duh. Not only shall you not, You Cannot Kill. Can't kill a man's character, because nothing dies from the outside. Can't kill a man's peace of mind, nor can anyone kill yours. You can, but nobody else can. No one can kill your reputation, or even your business, not if you've truly claimed it as yours. There's the key message from the commandment right there -- once you truly believe something is purely yours, it is, but our eternal failure is in believing that someone has hurt us, or injured us or held us back. We tell ourselves that if so-and-so hadn't done this or that, we could have made such great progress. I could have gotten that promotion if Dick Wad wasn't such an ass-kisser. No, you wouldn't have got that promotion regardless, because your mind never truly claimed the position, and more than likely, the position would have turned out to be your worst nightmare. Had it been right for you, you would have gotten the promotion.

Ok, I used a workplace example, but it's also true for relationships. Here's an example, courtesy of Hank Snow. This also happens to be one of my favorites of his because the melody is unforgettable and his voice is in prime form, but the lyrics also are truthful. He realizes her leaving him was good for him. Sure, he suffered, but he worked his way through it, so now he can say, I Don't Hurt Anymore.


8-10-09... Lecil Martin died ten years ago, and considering he never seriously began his singing career until his 22-year stint in the armed forces had ended, he racked up quite a few hits. He developed a character called Boxcar Willie, a man who rode the rails, and most of his songs reflected the hobo life. Here's one where he uses a railroad metaphor to sing his lament of the woman who got away, titled Keep On Rolling.


8-12-09... Here's a few helpful tips on ways you can wreck your health. Get excited over every trifling occurence, especially if it is no concern of yours. Eat whatever you want because your stomach is merely a sink, a garbage dump for whatever junk you desire. Never relax. That way your body can be denied the chance to recuperate. Be sure to discuss with anyone and at every opportunity every ailment that comes your way. Claim the sickness as yours, and wear it like a badge of honor. Don't even think about exercise, because that only promotes circulation. Who needs that?

Ok, you get the point, and now here come the Shelton Brothers! They're not going to let that self-important woman wreck their health. They're dumping her, and the reason they give is good enough. Just Because.


8-14-09... No new message. I like the one from 8-12. Obviously, I like Hank Snow, too. Maybe it's because he's from Canada and I think their health care system is far superior to ours. More likely, though, it's because his musicians were top notch, his melodies hummable, rhythms toe-tappers and voice superb. For example, Big Wheels.


8-17-09... It's the often-used example of the weak standing up to the strong -- powerful cattle baron versus lowly sodbuster of the American West. As is usually the case in all aspects of life, fighting for what you believe will at the very least gain you your adversary's respect. Lefty Frizzell sings all about it in today's musical selection, Look Yonder.


8-19-09... Trying to get one-up on the universe (or God, if you wish) usually involves getting one-up on another person or groups of people. It might serve a man well for a short period of time, but the universe will catch up and knock that man on his behind as though bashing his head with a rock. Don't know about you, but I'd rather try to stay on the honest route, so I wouldn't always have to be looking over my shoulder to see when I'm going to get my come-uppance.

Poor Ricky Nelson. I'll bet if he tried to be a traveling man today he wouldn't get far. His dollars are worth jack squat. Fortunately, as you might recall, he left this world long ago, and I suspect he can go wherever he pleases fare-free. Call him an after-life Traveling Man.


8-21-09... Saying things in anger we later regret is a common mistake, one that is both correctable and forgivable if ironed out with the unfortunate recipient after the anger has passed. But what about words that are purposely composed to hurt people? Contrivances and outright lies designed to demean one person or group while elevating another? Heard any of those lately? Like, say, every time there's a commercial break between programs? Or during a cable "news" talk show? Did you ever notice that the folks who tell these lies also make the most noise, and therefore get the most atttention?

Believe it or not, the universe will not let shit like that go by without repercussions. Retribution can come at any time and from any source, but the immediate, negative result is that these falsehoods require us to do more work than we should have to. We must do our own research in order to learn what is true and what is false. In a perfect world, politicians would tell the truth and we would automatically believe every word they say. Sadly, many of us don't have the time to investigate, and we form our opinions either not knowing that what we've heard is baloney, or not caring enough to find out. It's how we end up with leaders more interested in their own agenda than that of the country's.

Bill Carson's outburst of anger only affected his woman. Even so, he just feels awful about it. Fortunately, he sings about it in a tune that's a swinging toe-tapper. Careless Words


8-24-09... Fear is the number one enemy of the human race. The less fear we carry with us, the more health and harmony are allowed to rule our lives. FDR said it, and it's as true today as it was then. When we truly do not fear a situation, it has no real power to hurt us.

For example: George Jones knows he's rough around the edges, but it's not making him feel inferior in any way. In fact, he's proud of it, when he sings Ragged But Ripe.


8-26-09... Hank Snow recorded dozens of songs about trains. Steam engines, of course, and this one contains a good line about the perils faced by men who ran the machines: "he was found in the wreck with his hand on the throttle, and scalded to death by the steam." Hank Snow sings Wreck of the Old 97.


8-28-09... Smart people know the best policy is to present their case, and then sit back and let the other side give theirs. If the other side has no case, they usually will resort to tearing down their opponents's points with shit they pull out of their ass. In the process, they show their true colors, and then the audience can decide. Shit-pullers, hit the road.

Nobody says it better than Ray Charles and his pissed-off backup singers. Hit the Road, Jack


8-31-09... Temple is metaphorical for the consciousness. The temple is built in silence, and it is built upon a rock. It is built every waking hour, comprised of the thoughts we entertain and choices we make: good or bad, failure or success, happiness or suffering. We build what we want, and we live with the consequences.

Judy Collins recognizes that life is a never-ending classroom, and she sings about it in today's musical selection. Both Sides Now




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