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12-2-09... For starters, I trot out my old reworking of a Christmas song, O Holy Night.

Next, sometimes a song leaves me speechless. It's the Louvin Brothers, and even though I cut it up I'm sure you'll still be able to hear why I have nothing to add. Cash on the Barrel Head


12-4-09... You know whatever you put in the mixing bowl is going to be in the cake, and whatever you leave out will be missing. Choose well the ingredients you mix in your bowl.

How about a weekend of laying back and doing nothing? The cut of this vinyl spin might get you in the right mood, a little Donny Hathaway song soulfully sung by Roberta Flack. These are Tryin' Times.


12-7-09... Countrypolitan: Ray Price has had two careers, the first in the 1950's, when he popularized the honky-shuffle style with big 1956 hit, Crazy Arms. He was a roommate and protege of Hank Williams before Williams's death, and even used the Drifting Cowboys as his backup band. By mid-1960's he started moving to a more pop sound, helping many future songwriters and musicians by recording their songs while they were members of his band the Cherokee Cowboys. Names include Willie Nelson, Roger Miller, Johnny Paycheck and Harlan Howard. Ray Price's recording of Kris Kristofferson's "For the Good Times" brought Price fully into the lush style of country-pop in 1970, along with full orchestrations of strings and brass.

Today's song is from that genre. Lonesomest Lonesome


12-9-09... First time I heard this song was on Hank Williams III's album, Risin' Outlaw, or so I thought. My brain seemed to remind me I had another version on a compilation album, and it was right.

It's Bobby Edwards and his #11 hit from 1961. You're the Reason


12-11-09... Dusty Springfield had a maddeningly sexy voice and hair -- very, very big hair. Adding to such temptation, this particular selection includes a saxophone that speaks orally -- breathy and wet, if you catch my drift. To seal the deal, suggestive lyrics and the always-innovative, always unpredictable chord progressions and memorable melody of Burt Bacharach should take us all to dreamyland. The Look of Love


12-14-09... I'm not sure why I'm posting this. Really, darlin', do you have to grovel? Me and some of my buddies used to call it I Swallow Feces when we'd hear it -- jokingly, of course, or maybe not, depending on how many mugs we'd downed. So, here's why: if the melody sticks to your brain like a magnet, and the vocals, orchestral arrangements and performances are world class, and you can dance to it, then the lyrics don't really matter. Do they?

No, they don't. That's why Patsy Cline and I both do what it say... I Fall to Pieces


12-16-09... An engine that has been intelligently designed has no essential parts missing. Nor are any unnecessary parts attached. The universe is intelligently designed. There cannot be disharmony because all parts must work together for the common good. There can be no lack. With this in mind, remember that you are part of the universe, a little piece of one big whole, identical.

Jimmie Davis bought the copyright to this song before recording it in 1940. Stories of the price vary from $15 to $500, either way a bargain because the next year it was recorded twice more -- one by Gene Autry, the other by Bing Crosby -- and became one of the most popular songs ever. Still is one of the most familiar melodies ever. This is Jimmie Davis's version. You Are My Sunshine


12-18-09... Once you have contacted the Power within, it will direct and govern all your affairs from the greatest to the smallest, and it will do so without mistakes.

Here's what Bill Monroe did before developing what became bluegrass. He and his brother Charlie were one of many brother acts during the 1930's. Charlie sings this one. I'm Leaving You


12-21-09... This here is a great song -- unless you live in Topeka. Recorded and made a hit by Loretta Lynn, "One's On the Way" is just one of Sheldon Silverstein's compositions that combines uniquely clever lyrics and storytelling with catchy melody. Arguably, his best known is Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue", but Silverstein's also penned classics such as "Sylvia's Mother," "The Cover of the Rolling Stone" by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, plus Bobby Bare's evil anthem, "Marie Laveau."


12-23-09... Having problems? Welcome to the club. The only solution is to contact the divine Power within your soul and set it to work on those problems. It's a daily process, and obviously the worst should be focused on first.

George Jones has a problem. His baby has roving eyes, but this was recorded by a youthful George Jones. Surely by now he knows that looking's for free. If You Wanna Be My Baby

Now, for a special Christmas treat, take a journey through twelve days of a bad mixture, with funny lady Fay McKay's The Twelve Daze of Christmas.


12-25-09... Get a definite method of working, of tapping into your inner wisdom to guide you toward your goal. Maybe upon first awakening when your mind is receptive. Maybe after work when your mind is reflective. Whatever you choose, stick with it long enough to see if it works. Adjustments of schedule can be made if you feel you're on a treadmill going nowhere.

Here's a rare Hank Williams song in that it has a mandolin solo break. As for the tempo-driving music and mournful voice, it's pure Hank. May You Never Be Alone Like Me


Hank Williams's song is, in my opinion, an appropriate message with which to end the month, year, and decade. Corn Pone resumes Jan. 4.



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