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2-02-09... RAY PRICE - Slow your hectic Monday down, kick back and enjoy his rich and naturally-relaxing voice singing this gem... Kiss the World Goodbye


2-03-09... TEX RITTER - See? There's nothing to fear in death. Interesting to hear how many in the last verse have died since this was recorded in 1961. I'll not be computering on Wednesday, so you'll have two days to figure it out... Hillbilly Heaven


2-05-09... TAMMY WYNETTE 1 - Tammy tried doing it the nice way and made no impression, so she's going to play hard ball. Sounds similar to the lack of cooperation the President's getting. Maybe he should do the same... Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad


2-06-09... CARL PERKINS - In 1954. Sam Phillips knew he had something hot, something new, a heart-pounding blend of Southern black boogie rhythm and country/western pluck.

Carl Perkins further developed the sound he'd created for the next year, playing honky-tonks and dance halls throughout the south, and in December 1955 he came back to the Sun studios with a couple more songs, Honey Don't and one written on a brown paper bag called Blue Suede Shoes. His electric guitar was rocking, and Blue Suede Shoes quickly became Sun's first million seller in 1956. Not only that, it topped all charts: pop, country and R&B, the first record to accomplish the feat.

Carl was primed for national stardom, but on the road to New York for an appearance on television's Perry Como Show, the automobile Carl and his band rode in slammed into the back of a truck, seriously injuring all of them. Carl's skull was fractured, and while he laid for many months in the hospital, Elvis Presley, who'd left Sun and signed with RCA Victor, picked up and recorded Blue Suede Shoes. Carl's chance of fame was taken from him, the song for many years indentified with Elvis, not its creator, Carl Perkins.

Not until 1964 did he get his second chance at stardom, not in the U.S. but in England. There, his guitar style and songs were cherished and mimicked by the Beatles, who were the new sensations in Britain at the time. Carl's tour was a huge success, as he met and hung out with members of the band. Carl's music was reintroduced to American audiences when the Beatles toured the states. The Beatles recorded more Carl Perkins songs than they did any other songwriters' other than themselves, including Honey Don't, Everybody's Tryin' to Be My Baby and Matchbox.

He never achieved the superstar status of Elvis, but Carl Perkins' contributions are rightly recognized and he was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame mid-1980's. His funeral in 1998 saw a who's who list of the famous in attendance, such as George Harrison, Wynona Judd, Garth Brooks and Jerry Lee Lewis. The building was so packed other stars watched the services on moniters in an adjacent building: Eric Clapton and Elton John, along with video tributes sent by Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan.

Honey Don't


2-09-09... Mankind is always looking for shortcuts, but as usual the lazy man takes the most pains in the long run to get where he wanted to go.

HANK SNOW - This tune here is autobiographical. Hank Snow took no short cuts. He at one time or another performed all these jobs before making it in the music biz. And wouldn't you know it, this is a railroad song. A certain line to be specific called Canadian Pacific.


2-10-09... One of the great mental laws that can come in handy is the law of substitution, which means the only way to get rid of a certain thought is to replace it with another. The useful execution of this law is to switch your mind away from negative thinking. Example: rather than fuming all day after you hear of another recreational retreat for bank executives at a ritzy resort in warm climes courtesy of your tax dollars, switch your thought to, "Damn, this MERLE HAGGARD song is pure genius. I simply cannot get it out of my head." Then, anything else that pops up to piss you off, just start humming Mama Tried.


2-11-09... Hey, all you money-grubbing fat-cats, dig the words to this song. Hey, all you music lovers, dig the harmonizers behind PORTER WAGONER in this song. They must have performed some digital editing to make it so perfect. Oh wait, they couldn't have. Satisfied Mind was recorded in 1955.


2-12-09... Ok, major league baseball is now completely destroyed for me. For the past couple of years my interest had climbed back to near my boyhood levels, but now, they can stick the game up their ass. No records set the past 20 years mean anything, no World Series champs are legitimate, for how do we know which teams had players using enhancers and which didn't? Thanks to this commissioner, we don't, so we might as well leave a black hole for the years he reigns.

This, of course, has nothing to do with music. Who cares if musicians are high on anything? I don't, as long as they can perform like RED FOLEY in his rendition of Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy.


2-13-09... President Obama is smooth as silk. While the buzz is all about his nominee for Commerce Secretary stiffing him, he incorporates it into his inspirational speech celebrating Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. A subtle, comedic reference, he waits for the audience to get it, and then joins them in laughter. He has his agenda. It pertains to us, all of us, and he will not be deterred. Smart. Above the fray. Smooth. The right man for the job.

The voice of LEFTY FRIZZELL is also smooth, and his unique breaking and bending of vowel sounds has been honored and incorporated by artists like Merle Haggard, George Jones, and countless others. Today's post is a boogie woogie song, so you won't hear the bending so much as you will in ballads like Long Black Veil, in the Corn Pone archives for Oct. 13, 2008 (link below), but you will certainly appreciate the control and comical intonations he puts to today's song from 1966. As for the lyrics, I dare you not to get a kick. Mama!


2-16-09... This week I post Monday, Wednesday, Friday, the first two being songs of loves lost, hearts broken, lives shattered -- all recoverable events, of course. For today, JACK GREENE sings one of the finest melodies you could hope to hear. So, even though the words are of a man beaten down, one's spirit is lifted by the beauty of the package in which they're presented. Statue of a Fool


2-18-09... When the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it instantly begins trying to put the idea into effect. It uses all resources to achieve its goal, dredging knowledge stored in memory, most of which the conscious mind long ago forgot. It lines up all the laws of nature, whether known and accepted by the conscious mind or not, and combines all these resources to achieve its goal. Sometimes it succeeds immediately, sometimes it takes days, months, or even years, but once it has accepted the idea, the subconscious mind will put it into effect.

Take the case of CHARLIE RICH. His mind convinced itself he was destined to succeed in the music business. It began working toward the goal while he was in the Air Force in the early 1950's. People in the business recognized his talent as a singer/songwriter. Recording sessions and record releases followed... and followed... from one label to another... singles released with no success. This continued for twenty years before he broke through in 1973 with the album Behind Closed Doors. The title track reached #1 on the country charts and broke the top 20 on pop charts, but it was the follow-up, The Most Beautiful Girl, that established him as a major star. It reigned three weeks at #1 country and two weeks pop. Unlike Monday's post, where love lost came from the man getting screwed, this one is a case of the man screwing up. No matter, a classic melody sung by the naturally-soothing voice of the long-suffering-for-fame Charlie Rich.


2-20-09... Today's song is not about love lost. It is about love-making, intimacy between man and woman expressed in words direct and melody unforgettable.

While under contract to Columbia Records in the late 1960's, SAMMI SMITH became friends with a janitor who worked there. A few years later with a different label called Mega, she recorded a song the janitor had written, released it late 1970 and saw it sit atop the country charts for three weeks in 1971. That same year, the song won the CMA's country single of the year and the songwriter got a Grammy for best country song. Songwriter: Kris Kristofferson; song: Help Me Make it Through the Night


2-23-09... Aw, geez, another Monday. In the doldrums? Bummed? Wondering "why me?" Take the DANNY O'KEEFE attitude... some gotta win, some gotta lose... Goodtime Charlie's Got the Blues.


2-24-09... HARLAN HOWARD wrote songs in volume like no other. When he died in 2002, his body of work numbered over 4000 songs, including major hits like I Fall to Pieces, Heartaches by the Number and Pick Me Up on Your Way Down. He never aspired to be a recording artist himself, enjoyed matching his songs to appropriate singers and charted songs into this decade. He did record a few albums of songs singers had passed on, and even had a minor hit with this one from 1971. Perhaps poking fun at Christian hypocrites wasn't considered a good career move for recording artists, but songwriter Harlan Howard had nothing to fear and recorded Sunday Morning Christian himself. (Next post 2-26, another Christian-related statement.)


2-26-09... Since there's so much talk lately about the Great Depression of the 1930's, I thought I'd whip out a song from the voice of the common people at the time, the people who were all broke at the time, WOODY GUTHRIE. This is one you don't hear frequently, nor do people equate the message in the lyrics with Jesus Christ much any more. Seems the powers that be want you to forget the socialist aspects of the Christ message... you know, the rich giving to the poor and such, but it's all here in this song Woody wrote in 1940. And he's right. He'd get crucified all over again if he ever tried it again... Jesus, that is. As with all Woody Guthrie songs, it's about the lyrics, man. We close out the month with Jesus Christ.



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