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JUNE 2009

After a two-month hiatus, I'm resuming the pone. No more Blogspot, I'm keeping it strictly on my own site so I won't have to duplicate. One reason for (re-)starting this project is to share pieces of my favorite music, some of which might be new to a few. By new, I mean old and nearly forgotten. Most of these will come from vinyl records I've owned for a long time or collected when everyone was forced to convert to CD. Sad how so many sold or gave away their records, but good for people like myself who consider music and artists important elements of human history. My interest is in the quality of composition and execution, not quality of sound. Links are in yellow, mp3 files of about two-minute lengths, and I know you're smart enough to allow a few seconds for your media player to load and play them. A word of warning: you won't get the full song. This is not a file-sharing site and someone, somewhere, owns copyrights. It's all explained in the posts for March if you need further reason.

Posting on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is my goal, but nothing in life is for certain.


6-01-09... When we love what we do, whether it be our work, hobbies, relationships, or anything else, our love will be expressed automatically. It emanates from our being, and those around us will feel it. Love acts the part. It promotes us for us. Word travels quickly through the proper channels, and any attempts on our part to further promote ourselves by any other means interferes with the process. It becomes hypocrisy.

Today's song is Tony Joe White's Polk Salad Annie. Gator's got your grannie... chomp... chomp-chomp-chomp.


6-03-09... You should constantly remind yourself that you have nothing to deal with but your own thoughts.

Lecil Martin didn't do much with his singing career until after a 22-year stint in the U.S. Air Force, but he had a fine voice, right on pitch. You can hear a good example by clicking on the link representing his stage name - Boxcar Willie.


6-05-09... White or black; black and blue; blue or red; red, white and blue -- the human race can't be categorized into colors. That's just a ploy by the power-hungry to keep us all fighting amongst ourselves.

Johnny Cash will tell you all about it. Click song title here: One on the Right


6-08-09... When the tide is out sometimes a boat gets stranded, unable to move, but we know it's only a temporary condition because the tide always comes back to float your boat.

Leon McAuliffe was the steel guitar player for Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, the version of the band when they were based in Tulsa before WWII. Mr. Wills' verbal intro for their popular song Steel Guitar Rag is as well-known as the song itself: Take it away, Leon, take it away.

After his U.S. Navy service during the war, Mr. McAuliffe returned to Tulsa to form his own western swing band, as Bob Wills had moved his operation to California. Leon McAuliffe's group became known as the Cimarron Boys. Today I feature Leon the singer in Back to Birmingham.


6-10-09... The forces that created and sustain the whole universe are available to help you at any time, provided you call upon them intelligently.

Maybe that's why Luke the Drifter's Uncle Bill has such a carefree attitude, despite his never-ending list of problems. As for Luke, he probably needed a second persona to temporarily escape the pressures of being Hank Williams. As Luke, he says Everything's OK.


6-12-09... It is intended for us to have dominion over our lives, to be the captains of our own souls.

Jim Reeves has gotten himself into a situation where he has to make a choice: leave Dan and save himself; or stay with Dan and suffer Dan's fate. Jim is the captain. It's his decision as to what he should do in The Blizzard.


6-15-09... Whatever you allow to occupy your mind will be magnified in your own life. Whether the subject be good or bad, the law works and condition grows. The same law also applies to thoughts you keep out of your mind. Like anything in this universe, lack of use will cause the thing to diminish and deteriorate.

Bill Carlisle is thinking his girlfriend's got something kinky in mind for him, until he finds out he's being scammed. Some rather risque lyrics in this song from 1965, words designed for multiple interpretations and possibilities, causing Bill to ask, "What Kind of Deal is This?"


6-17-09... Sophie Tucker (click her name for new window to her Amazon audiofiles) was born in 1884 and broke into show biz in 1909 as a fill-in singer for the Ziegfield Follies. She was a woman of large girth, and because of her appearance the producers never dreamed she would become a star, but by 1911 she was the headliner of the show. A few years later she began a career in Vaudeville, where she was known for her over-the-top outfits and bawdy songs.

Many female entertainers of more modern times, such as Bette Midler, pay homage to Sophie as a bold and proud woman, a trailblazer who had no fear of singing or talking about sexual escapades in a time when proper women were supposed to keep quiet about such things. She took no guff from men, whether it was in her business dealings or her private affairs, and the lyrics of this song are a good example of her strong opinions. I'm Living Alone and I Like It


6-19-09... Act out what you wish to demonstrate. If you keep it to yourself, how can you possibly attract the important, meaningful and rewarding people we all so desire into your life?

Want to hear a voice from heaven? The voice of an angel? If you believe in such other-worldly things or you don't doesn't matter, because Lefty Frizzel has the voice, demonstrated succinctly in The Long Black Veil.


6-22-09... Referring back to Friday, what's it like when a special someone discovers you and you feel that good burn in your gut because of it? Ask Hank Williams. No need for Luke the Drifter, he's all Hank, and he not only sings it, he swings it, in Rootie Tootie.


6-24-09... Regeneration means building a new mentality. This happens on a daily basis simply from new information absorbed, while major upheavals take place about every ten years. All for good purpose. Are your interests today the same as they were, say, when you were 20? Or 30? Probably not. Even if you tried to go back, you wouldn't enjoy it. Exceptions to this are the arts -- music, film, theater, etc. The good stuff is timeless, and benefits one generation after another.

Hank Snow thinks he's a lady's man, but he probably needs an attitude adjustment. Don't get the idea I don't like Hank Snow, especially his train songs, but this one here is an example of lyrics perhaps past their usefulness. No, it's the guitar work that's of interest, and the always-crisp, accurate voice of Hank Snow. As for the message, let's just assume it was done with tongue in cheek. Ladies Man.


6-26-09... I guess I could change my plans and post a Michael Jackson song for today, but what would be the point? There's tons of it floating the airwaves and interwebs right now, and I hope everybody will focus on the music and not the talking heads droning on with all their speculations, innuendos and concoctions about Michael's private life. The man brought us joy. Everything else is irrelevant to me.

Speaking of joy, imagine mine when I stumbled across this gem. It's a record thrown in a box with a bunch of others I definitely wanted and purchased at an estate sale, but I'd never heard of Bobby Garrett, and so his 45 stayed in the back and out of my mind for many months before I got around to listening. Oh, me! Oh, my! What an astounding surprise. If you appreciate dazzling musicianship and a mind-blowing display of talent, you're going to love this. If you play a steel or an electric guitar, you're going to shit a big ol' turd when you hear Bobby Garrett's Rose City Chimes.


6-29-09... It's Monday, last one of the month. Whoop-ti-frickin-do! Yeah, I know, Mondays require extra motivation to get brain and body going, but maybe Hank Williams can give you a kick in the pants. Hear him swing it out in I'm Satisfied with You.



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