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MARCH 2009


3-02-09... ELVIS PRESLEY puts his sexy voice to good use with anguished growls and moans. Even gives you good rhythm for... you know... doing it. Heartbreak Hotel is worth a two-day listen. UPDATE: Oh, the humanity! Something went haywire with that mp3 and I don't feel like jacking with it. Here's IVORY JOE HUNTER doing Since I Met You, Baby instead.


3-04-09... Whenever you are ready you will find that everything else is ready, too.

HANK WILLIAMS wants to get away from a hurtful woman and start fresh, but his mind isn't ready. So, he concedes defeat with his uniquely pained vocaling in You Win Again.


3-06-09... Few would argue that George Jones is one of the finest country singers ever recorded. What is amazing is how his voice over a 50-year career has changed both in timbre and in pitch. In my opinion, it is now gone. Funny, I'd seen him on the Opry a few weeks before the car accident that nearly killed him and he sounded great -- the final version, a rich baritone. Not long after his recovery, he again was on the Opry trying to do gospel songs. Sounded terrible, voice weak, crackling, wobbling off pitch. Sad in a way, but then again, there's hundreds of recordings from all those years when he was top notch.

The first time I heard this song here from 1957 I thought he was singing a duet with somebody. I had to go investigate the history of The Treasure of Love to find out who the partner was. WRONG! It is all George Jones, but on each verse, after singing the first two lines he moves to an upper register and sounds like a different man singing. Incredible control of stylization. Put it together with a melody that won't leave your brain and I'd call this song one of life's pure joys... at least it is one of mine.


3-09-09... I hope you're coming off a weekend where you found some intimate time alone with your significant other. If you're a man, and you got some of that time, I'll bet you're still thinking about her. Uh-huh, I know, Monday morning and you're still remembering... still wanting more... can't wait for the work shift to end so you can get home to touch, to kiss, and like JOHN CONLEY, to tell her what she means to you. He says it in song. In My Eyes


3-11-09... Nine kids and a wife? Man, this guy sure likes to boink it. A classic from MERLE HAGGARD, but which of his songs from the '60's to '80's isn't? Working Man Blues


3-13-09... Every thought is made up of two factors, knowledge and feeling. A thought consists of a piece of knowledge with a charge of feeling, and it is the feeling alone that gives power to the thought. That is a direct quote from Emmet Fox, who undoubtedly put a great deal of knowledge and feeling into his thoughts. It's been awhile since I corn poned you, and I thought that was a good one.

Musically, BUCK OWENS and DON RICH were just about as close as any two men could possibly be, both when creating and when performing. A fine example is Just as Long as You Love Me, where their two voices are so well synchronized in phrasing, attack and release, they're nearly as perfect as the digital synching programs used in today's recording studios. No such thing back then. It was pure talent taking this pretty-good song and elevating it to hair-raising goodness.



3-16-09... There's nothing to prevent you from stewing over injustices done to you, nothing to stop you from dredging up the images of persons or groups of persons who you think have done you wrong, nothing to thwart your persistent efforts of rehashing the event or events in your mind. Of course, not only does doing so prevent your day from being anything near pleasant, it also sets up your mind for more similar injustices to be perpetrated against you in the future. Negative attracts negative; positive attracts positive. If you want more crappy people coming into your life, go right ahead and entertain those crappy thoughts.

I hope you like CARSON ROBISON, because I do. So much do I enjoy his talent and the history surrounding his music and the time of his popularity (1930's-40's, mostly), his songs will be the only ones posted here the next two weeks.

There are numerous recorded versions of Darling Nellie Gray, but I do believe I like his about as well as any I've heard. This is a sad song, I suppose. It's about death, but then again, it is about the realization that there is no death, just a change of scenery. One of the highlights of this song is a short interlude of Carson's whistling. Kind of a lost art, and oh, my, those backup singers are in fine form.


3-18-09... Do you believe in miracles? Me neither. What I do believe in is the possibility of discoveries. In reality, they are one and the same. Natural elements are present in the universe which are unknown to us. Once discovered, they get labeled as miracles. What if the ancient Greeks had known about electricity? How different would their society have been? Electricity existed when their city-states flourished same as when it was discovered and harnessed for use in the power grids we have today, and yet the Greeks had to go without. Do you suppose we've discovered all that the universe has to give? Probably not even one percent, but the dreamers and scientists are working every day to learn what else is possible. Same applies to the human mind. Who knows what thought processes are possible? What obstacles can be overcome with concentration? With belief in the power of the universe? The man from ancient times known as Jesus Christ is credited with performing miracles such as healing the sick. Could it be that he so firmly believed the power of the universe was greater than any disease which could inhabit a man's body, that he could irradicate the disease from a human inflicted with it? It really doesn't matter if you believe a man named Jesus Christ walked the earth or not. Doesn't matter if you believe him to be the son of god and all the other baggage attached to him that muddles the message. It is the story that matters. The possibility. The power of thought. No one disputes that a man named Albert Einstein walked the earth. Did he not also perform miracles? Is he any less important to human civilization than the aforementioned JC? We are all part of the universe, and we have the potential to create our own miracles, if we give power to the universe and its miracles still waiting to be discovered.

What does this have to do with today's song? Nothing much, except CARSON ROBISON makes a startling discovery the hard way. He's the rube who's come to the big city looking for love, and all he finds is that some folks just can't be trusted. Carson meets a grifter in I'm Going Back, and the miracle I hear is the talented musicians making the song go.


3-20-09... WOW! I always wondered what it would take to suck out some kind of response from webland to these posts. The one from the 18th brought three, questions of which I will summarize and answer in reverse order of importance to me.

3. Emailer asked why I sometimes cut out the middle of songs and always cut off the endings. Answer: I'm hoping someone who's never heard the song will stumble across it and want to learn more. Best way to do that is to buy it like I did.

2. Be glad I summarize this one, because it's not a question, but a sermon sent to my email. Estimated word count: 300 or better. Gist of message: Since I don't believe in Jesus I'm going to some place bad. Need I say more? Obviously, key words stated by me triggered a plethora of brainwash-instigated rage within this person, who tragically could not stop long enough to think for himself and consider my point, and so, much energy was wasted typing unrelated quotes from the Old Testament which have nothing to do with Jesus -- never have and never will (see Jasper audio "The $250 Loin Cloth"). Anyway, what I said challenges no doctrines. He who wrote to me should read it again and try to answer the questions one by one, but I doubt he has the ability to do so. I will pray regardless.

1. This one more than made up for the other two. So, dear listener, you found CARSON ROBINSON and his brief bit of whistling in Monday's post fascinating. Did you, now? Well, try this one on for size... Treetop Serenade ... and to further appreciate his special gift, try doing it yourself. Makes me laugh when I try, and that's never a bad thing.


3-23-09... What you think upon grows. Sounds simple enough. It is. Think on it.

CARSON ROBISON is thinking about his old homeplace, and he's homesick for his Little Green Valley, where life was so pleasant he can remember the mockingbirds. His vivid memory prompts him to mimick them with a wetting of his whistle.


3-25-09... Here's a good couple of lines from Robert Browning: Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise from outward things, whate'er you may believe.

CARSON ROBISON is mostly known and remembered as a cowboy singer, and today's song is very much in that genre. His horse died, damnit, and to a cowboy that's as tragic as if someone totals your favorite auto. So, understand the pain in Carson's voice as he sings, Bridle Hanging on the Wall.


3-27-09... Oliver Wendell Holmes said: My religion is summed up in the first two words of the Lord's Prayer.

So, that would be, "Our Father." No doubt, it is a powerful idea packed into two words. The relationship of god to man is like father and child. Certainly is different than the hateful, vindictive, white-bearded man sitting on a throne somewhere up in never-never land doling out threats. That's an image created by elements of Christian authorities who want to scare you into doing what they say. Jesus, or the teachings attributed to a man named Jesus (see my post for 3-18) never described any such god. His god loves like a father loves his offspring. Oh, I guess also that since it says "Our" father, there are no special favorites. An earlier version of the "All Men are Created Equal" philosophy. Of course, if you're running a church and you need to make money, it is necessary to preach against others so that your congregation feels superior to them, and will stay in your church, give their tithings to your church so you can make your living. Not all churches are that way, but I'm just saying... it's... OUR FATHER. With a big message in such a small package, why would you need anyone else to tell you about faith, anyway? You should be able to learn quite a bit just by contemplating on those two words.

I saved my favorite CARSON ROBISON for last. I've posted it before. Don't remember when, but the fast pace, clever lyrics, superb harmonies and amazingly-talented musicians performing on this record make it something, in my ears's opinion, extra-special. Blue River Train


3-30-09... So, 2009 is nearly one-quarter gone, and I think I might take a break from this for a week or two. The post for 3-27 should provide plenty of fat to chew on for awhile, and besides, I'm running out of songs. Or maybe I'm running out of ambition, because actually I've still got plenty of records I haven't dug out yet.

Did you know Woodie Guthrie had a cousin named Jack who co-wrote with him the great song, Oklahoma Hills? Did you know Jack died in 1948 from TB at age 35? Or that he recorded his version of the song in 1945? Wanna hear part of it? Then click it. Oklahoma Hills. Come to think of it, I've got an old Bob Wills version of this song where it sounds like he's a bit tipsy. If I can find it I'll post it sometime this week.



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