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11-2-09... Work hard, but do not make hard work of it. Inspiration must come before perspiration, otherwise the perspiration will be from banging your head against a wall, not from achieving the goal.

Here's a good challenge to sweat over: see if you can hear Roy Acuff hit the right pitch anywhere in this song. It's a good song about a passenger train on the Louisville & Nashville line, and sometimes you can tell what the melody is supposed to be. Pan American Queen


11-4-09... After tormenting those of you who remember my mentioning Hank Snow's original 1950 version of Moving On, I am finally getting around to posting it. Somewhere in here is one of my favorite country music verses: You've switched your engine, now I ain't got time, for a trifling woman, on my main line, I'm movin' on, you done your daddy wrong. I'm Movin' On


11-6-09... Would you put water in the fuel tank of your auto? Or sand into its transmission reservoir? No. One thing destroys the other. So, why would you allow negative thoughts to destroy your mental health? Why would you allow negative, conniving people to interfere with the creatively-productive mindset you've worked so hard to develop? You wouldn't, if given opportunity to stop and think before reacting. Take that time. Delay your response the few seconds it takes to silently ask whether it's shit or brains inside your head, and you'll save yourself from wallowing in the shit others are offering you.

Speaking of creative productivity, check out how the Osborne Brothers make use of their naturally skilled and extremely tight vocal harmonies in Riding the Bluegrass Express.


11-9-09... You can never afford to condemn another person, because if given his situation, you probably would have done just as badly. It's the time-tested, "don't judge a man until you've walked in his shoes" theory, and you might also notice, if you pay attention, that anytime you look down on someone your day inevitably goes to hell.

As for shoes, Webb Pierce is walking the dog and he's never blue. Got no time to think about you. See? He is very happy. Walking the Dog


11-11-09... Chill Wills on Veteran's Day... actually, Armistice Day, which we in the U.S. set aside to honor our veterans of foreign wars. Gratitude a given, I can't think of much more to say that hasn't been said. Instead, I'll let Chill Wills say it. This recitation is called Old Miss Pretty, and it has to do with what the sight of a flag can do for a soldier in the field. Ole Miss Pretty


11-13-09... Your life has not been rehearsed. If it had, you'd be nothing more than an actor in a play, repeating the same words from the same spot on stage day after day. Life is an adventure filled with discovery and mistakes and learning. Every day something new.

Maybe this will be a discovery for you. Check out the hot little guitar riffs played by James Burton in this 1957 rockabilly classic. You've got to listen closely, as he throws in quick runs between the chorded rhythm that drives the song. The singer is Bob Luman, who joined the Louisiana Hayride about this time. Great song. All Night Long


11-16-09... I always thought this might be a good song for making love. Never have gotten around to trying it, and of course it'd have to be put on a loop unless the man and woman can orgasm in about two minutes.

Some say these lyrics are dated. That women aren't subserviant to men like this any more, but I don't think her words are at all subserviant. She's saying men and women are different, but they are also equal partners. Men are imperfect. So are women, but partners should support each other through good times and bad times, forgive one another their mistakes. They should love one another equally, but it is her song, from her perspective, so this is how she wrote it. Can't expect her to sing about partnership from the man's point of view, can we?

Regardless your opinion of the lyrics, it's easy to hear why this composition by Tammy Wynette and Billy Sherrill was voted CMT's best country song of all time. Stand By Your Man


11-18-09... While we're learning we can't expect to put out a perfect product. We are all students, and all that matters is that each year our product improves.

Billy Walker is learning. The woman has hurt him before, but he's willing to try again provided she promises not to do it again. Don't Stop in My World if You Don't Mean to Stay. That is all he's asking. Fair enough.


11-20-09... CARL PERKINS - In 1954. Sam Phillips knew he had something hot, something new, a heart-pounding blend of Southern black boogie rhythm and country/western pluck.

Carl Perkins further developed the sound he'd created for the next year, playing honky-tonks and dance halls throughout the south, and in December 1955 he came back to the Sun studios with a couple more songs, Honey Don't and one written on a brown paper bag called Blue Suede Shoes. His electric guitar was rocking, and Blue Suede Shoes quickly became Sun's first million seller in 1956. Not only that, it topped all charts: pop, country and R&B, the first record to accomplish the feat.

Carl was primed for national stardom, but on the road to New York for an appearance on television's Perry Como Show, the automobile Carl and his band rode in slammed into the back of a truck, seriously injuring all of them. Carl's skull was fractured, and while he laid for many months in the hospital, Elvis Presley, who'd left Sun and signed with RCA Victor, picked up and recorded Blue Suede Shoes. Carl's chance of fame was taken from him, the song for many years indentified with Elvis, not its creator, Carl Perkins.

Not until 1964 did he get his second chance at stardom, not in the U.S., but in England. There, his guitar style and songs were cherished and mimicked by the Beatles, who were the new sensations in Britain at the time. Carl's tour was a huge success, as he met and hung out with members of the band. Carl's music was reintroduced to American audiences when the Beatles toured the states. The Beatles recorded more Carl Perkins songs than they did any other songwriters' other than themselves, including Honey Don't, Everybody's Tryin' to Be My Baby and Matchbox.

He never achieved the superstar status of Elvis, but Carl Perkins' contributions are rightly recognized and he was inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame mid-1980's. His funeral in 1998 saw a who's-who list of the famous in attendance, such as George Harrison, Wynona Judd, Garth Brooks and Jerry Lee Lewis. The building was so packed other stars watched the services on moniters in an adjacent building: Eric Clapton and Elton John, along with video tributes sent by Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan.

Carl Perkins - Blue Suede Shoes


11-23-09... The thoughts and beliefs that fill our minds ultimately make their way into our life experience. I suppose you can see how important it is to choose wisely which thoughts you care to entertain, and which ones you should quickly cast out.

Here's a good song with lyrics for a quick history lesson in country music. Add to this the skilled vocals of Hank Locklin, and you've got a tune worth a couple minutes of your time. Country Hall of Fame


11-25-09... Do you wisely choose the foods you eat? Do you ingest information intelligently, or accept whatever you hear without critical thinking? Do you choose intelligently the words used while raising your children, or performing your function at work? The world needs more intelligence. There is plenty of will power, but without an intelligent plan, actions can take us to places we don't want to go, which creates a need for much more effort to get where we need to go.

Carl Perkins is smart. He wants to take his woman to a picture show so he can get her out of her house. That way, he avoids the man living there he doesn't like. Avoids conflicts. Lessens stress. Gives him a better chance of getting lucky with Mag. Movie Mag


11-27-09... I don't know, Patsy, seems to me you'd be better off with his records. If she's got him, then he wants her and not you, Patsy Cline. I suspect the records will be worth more to you after a few months have passed. Maybe you'll find some man who loves the other guy's taste in music, and your new guy will peform for you like a Trojan warrior. Patsy Cline will swoon, but for now, her brilliant voice is emotionally shook up. She's Got You


11-30-09... Knowledge that you do not actually use is only intellectual knowledge, which is barren and will fade away from lack of use.

Today's song features a melody which is far from barren. It has been used in many different songs through several decades, a fact made clear by Johnny Bond and Cowboy Copas when they sing Thinkin' Tonight.




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