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10-5-09... Problems are steps on the road to success. Once, laying of cable from Boston to New York presented a great problem to be solved. After that was done, laying more was easy. Once, building a railroad across the western frontier to the Pacific Ocean was a big problem. Once solved, many lines were built. Now, we fly through the air from one ocean to the other without giving it much thought. Each problem solved is a step up, regardless of whether it is a personal matter or one effecting all of mankind.

Webb Pierce's problem is personal. He seems to have a sex drive that can't be curbed. Lucky SOB! He sings about it in today's music selection. Crazy, Wild Desires.


10-7-09... Problems? What problems are you facing? Once upon a time, flying across the Atlantic was a major difficulty. Now, it's routine, and even crossing the Pacific no longer presents a challenge. What if the brave souls who first proved it could be done had listened to the nay-sayers? What if they put off their challenge until tomorrow, as though it would be any easier? Whether great or small, problems don't go away by themselves. Usually, they fester and become worse the longer they are left unattended. That's because they wear on your mind, always there pestering you regardless of whatever else you're trying to do. Tackle it, fix it best you can and move onto the next. Once done, you will wonder why you feared something that now seems routine.

Jerry Lee Lewis suddenly finds himself alone, but for him it is merely a challenge to be faced and conquered. In fact, he weakens the source of his problem by forgiving it, showing compassion and understanding for the person responsible. He says, "It's not her heart, it's her mind, she didn't mean to be unkind, she even woke me up to say goodbye. Ain't irony one of life's most admirable elements?


10-9-09... Tell yourself what you want and expect to get it. If you want good health, claim it. If you want prosperity, claim it. Despite what many religious leaders want you to believe, the universal power (or God, to them, and if you wish, to you) does not require you to suffer in order to tap into its strength. It can bring good or bad, depending upon what you prefer to claim either consciously or subconsciously for yourself. Easier said than done, but isn't that ultimately life's goal? Training the mind to think correctly both in the conscious and subconscious?

Jack Greene is distraught over the loss of his woman. Says he's lost his reason for living. Geez, man, get over it. There are plenty of fish in the sea. One-sided love is never going to make you happy no matter how hard you try to force it, so sing your little song and get on with your life. Lyrics aside, this song has a beautiful melody, and so I can live with my disagreement of its message. There Goes My Everything


10-12-09... Unlike Friday's selection -- a hopeless lament of love lost -- this fellow here knows how to woo his woman. Carl Smith set everything up for her, lured her with his tittilating charm, and will now let mother nature take control. It's a toe-tapper with some fine steel guitar work. Mother Nature


10-14-09... Today's post is Willie Nelson's breakthrough song, courtesy of Faron Young, who recorded it in 1961. It raced to the number 1 slot on the country charts, and soon other country stars were pining to record Willie's songs. The melody is unforgettable, arrangement and performance near-perfect, but it is the lyrics that stand out -- innovative, yet simple, a new take on the "she's gone" lament. Hello Walls


10-16-09... Man controls his own life. It is done by taking control of mental states. Man is not limited by his environment. He creates his environment by his beliefs and feelings.

What an uplifting experience it is when someone comes into your life to bring you ultimate happiness. They come because you are ready. You have created the conditions to prepare their way. Just ask Joe Hunter, also known as Ivory Joe Hunter -- ivory as in piano keys. Not only does this song express the elation a new love can bring, it has lyrics and melody that will stay with you throughout the day. It's one of those that will pop into your head again and again for several days. Since I Met You, Baby


10-19-09... Ever try smiling when you're having a down day? You know, just for the hell of it? Everything's going wrong, everything you try to do is fighting you, and it gets to be so frustratingly absurd that you can't decide whether to laugh or cry. Laugh. It's better. Gives you a sense of superiority over the blues, and your smile puts those around you in a good mood. Their pleasure of being with you might just rub off on you. Fake them out. Make them think you're happy, and maybe you'll actually get that way.

Appearances are everything. Take the case of Cowboy Copas. Saw his woman hugging another man and thought she'd cheated on him. So he leaves town. Roams for years and years, only to return and find she's dead. She waited for him, but he never came back. Turns out it was her brother he saw hugging her. What an idiot. Such a tragic romance that never was. Oh, that's the title of the song... Tragic Romance


10-21-09... Aloe Vera juice kicks ass -- literally. A few swallows once a week flushes away the crud that builds up on the lining of your colon, crud that could turn into polyps, polyps that could become cancerous. Tastes like water with a bit of lemon. Mmm.

One of Hank Snow's earliest and biggest hits was 1950's I'm Movin' On. Had to do with his announcement that this relationship is over, madam. In 1977 he recorded another version with different lyrics and musical style. In this one, he laments the passing of two of his idols, acknowledges the influences of rock and roll and other genres into country music, and proudly states that he has adapted and is still on the charts. For some reason, Hank and his band frequently drop beats in this song, but I can live with it. I'm Movin' On


10-23-09... Ever tried to yodel? Ain't easy. How about yodeling with another man in real tight harmony so it sounds like a train whistle (steam engine, of course)? That's what Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys managed to do in this recording from 1936.

You whipper-snappers might recognize this Bob Nolan (Sons of the Pioneers) penned classic from its use in the fairly-recent film Raising Arizona. Like I said, this is the Bob Wills 1936 version. Away Out There


10-26-09... Now, I'm not going to argue the pros and cons of chewing tobacco. I'm not going to deny that it is a habit considered these days to be unfashionable. I am willing to accept this novelty song for what it is. What troubles me a bit is the fact it never changes chords. Remember the Led Zeppelin song? Where they tongue in cheek ask: where's the bridge? has anybody seen the bridge? where's that confounded bridge?

Ask Pee Wee King, as he twangs the Chewing Tobacco Rag


10-28-09... Once upon a time there was an innovative rock band called Ten Years After, and their driving force was a guy named Alvin Lee. He had very fast fingers, did the singing and wrote most the music. That was 1960's & 70's.

In 1978 he came up with another group he called Ten Years Later. This is a song from their album called Rocket Fuel. It is good motivational background music while you're trying to get through hump-day Wednesday, and then, late on Friday, I'll post another sample from the album which is very fitting for Halloween Saturday. For today, Ain't Nothin' Shakin'


10-30-09... Did I promise something Halloweenish from Alvin Lee and Ten Years Later? The title should give you a clue. The Devil's Screaming




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