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Uncle Jasper's interpretations
of Jardonn BDSM tales.
Voices of Jasper, Jack or Agent Johnson
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Episode 1:
Jasper plays David Slater in
Nazi torture told in
five parts.
Parts One & Two (21:28)
posted June 09, 2006 01:46:00
Slater is chained, hosed and cock ringed.
Part Three (13:57)
posted June 13, 2006 00:22:00
Suspended, he endures an all-night erection.
Part Four (11:51)
posted June 20, 2006 02:37:00
Gut-punched and wired, as Brigitte is hosed
Part Five (10:18)
posted June 26, 2006 23:03:00
Electro-tortured, he loses consciousness,
while the French females execute their plot.
Episode 2:
Agent Johnson
plays the slave in
A servant of ancient Rome
recounts his tragic end.
One Part (20:51)
posted August 17, 2006 02:28:00
Episode 3:
John Harper is interrogated for a
secret code known only to him.
Narrated by Uncle Jasper
Agent Johnson as John Harper
Jack plays Mr. S
Jardonn plays Bruno
Part One (25:06)
posted September 26, 2006 02:32:00
Gut punching softens him up, then Harper is stripped, chained and stretched atop the beam.
Part Two (15:36)
posted September 30, 2006 23:22:00
Harper is milked... and belly tortured... and milked... and belly...
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