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This character actor is seen in films almost as frequently as Ward Bond. As a star athlete at Wesleyan University, he was asked to audition for an uncredited role in the 1926 film, The Quarterback, after returning a kickoff for a touchdown in a critical game. MacLane never looked back.

Usually playing a heavy, but not always, his most notable roles came supporting Humphrey Bogart in High Sierra, The Maltese Falcon and Treasure of the Sierra Madre. He appeared in many westerns, including the role of Confederate raider disguised as a bare-chested, hairy-chested Indian in 1941's Western Union with Randolph Scott, where MacLane's athletic form is proudly displayed. Whether playing a character likeable or despised, MacLane deftly filled supporting roles of all varieties from film noir gangster or good cop/bad cop, tough guy convicts in prison films, to comedies and horror films. He even helped Johnny Weissmuller in 1945's Tarzan and the Amazons. Barton MacLane is rough, rugged and 100 percent male.



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