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There's good reason when in Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles, someone mentions Randolph Scott and all the townspeople stand in silent reverence while a heavenly choir praises his name. He epitomizes the American West and no greenhorn should dare cross it without Randolph Scott there for protection. 

His best films were collaborations with director Budd Boetticher and screenwriter Burt Kennedy, seven films produced in the 1950's like Seven Men From Now, The Tall T, Comanche Station and Ride Lonesome. The dialogue is quick and clever, while pacing skillfully mixed between action of gunfire, the chase and character development. You want this man on your side right or wrong, as his sharp wit and talented gun keeps the ladies in their place and varmints nervous.

Square-jawed and cock-sure, Randolph Scott is everything a western hero should be, but he did on occasion venture into other genres. One of interest is 1940's My Favorite Wife with Cary Grant, where Scott performs a trapeze act in his bathing suit before majestically rotating into the swimming pool to ooh's and ah's of all ladies present.  


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